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You’re Space Fleet’s finest, on a mission to explore the galaxy and broker peace. However, you have a... wild reputation when you go on shore leave. Today? You’re on planet Argo for R&R. Tomorrow? You’ll be... Banned From Argo.
You have two stats: A Little Fun and Too Much Fun.

Banned From Argo is a sci-fi parody role-playing of hapless havoc and reckless R&R by Space-Fleet's finest crew, inspired by the (in)famous filk song of the very same name! Create your crew member—don't forget their shirt colour—and step out of the Starport and into the streets to pursue pleasures both lawful and beyond the law in this hack of Honey Heist (by Grant Howitt) that takes inspiration from Star Trek: The Original Series and Lasers & Feelings (by John Harper).

The game includes the Crew Passport—player and QM (quartermaster) instructions and character sheets—and the Planetary Guide—options and random tables for creating strange new worlds to explore and raise merry hell on.

To play, you'll need some pens and index cards and a few six-sided dice (d6s). The game file includes A7 and letter printable mini-zines as well as a pair of full screen-readable pdfs!


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Banned From Argo v1_1.zip 811 kB
Print Instructions.zip 251 kB


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Deleted 50 days ago

Thank you!


this game looks hilarious! I wish I could find a group to run a one-shot with it!

A quick note, though: on the PDFs, the text reads:

> The text of this game is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

But the link just below goes to the CC-BY license, so I think that you may want to clarify which CC license is being used.
Keep up the good work!


Thanks for pointing this out! This was also the case for the other game in this series I'd already published, and now I've fixed it in both of them (and my template files). To be clear, it's BY-SA.


great! thanks a lot.