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Only fools look for truth where angels avert their eyes, so it must have been fools who dug the Font of Sooth, a wellspring whose waters grant clear visions of the future.

They hoped knowledge would bring peace. They were wrong, and so the Font was sunk beneath the earth in a confounding labyrinth.

Time turned, but tales remain. Truth-seekers and mercenaries alike hunt for the Font, hoping for a draught of revelatory spring-water that is valuable beyond measure. They do not understand that the journey will reveal far more about them than they ever wanted to know.

The Impostrous Emissariat is an incursion for Trophy Dark, the rules-light game of dark fantasy and psychological horror, but it can be used as a scenario for other games as well. This incursion will take you into the forest, through the Parish of Dissection, and under the lost and lonely chapel where the Font of Sooth awaits... for those who survive the maze and labyrinth poisoned with bitter self-hatred.


The incursion guides you through the clinical Terrors and glimpsed Temptations of all five Rings—into the forest, through the Parish, and under the chapel—as well as giving you:

  • 6 new Occupations, Backgrounds, Drives, and Rituals
  • 18 horrifying and exalting Conditions
  • 6 unsettling and bizarre Moments per Ring
  • and a d66 table for use with the incursion: Three Dozen Maze Fragments.
Content Notes (click to open)

This incursion includes body horror, psychological horror, mirrors, mazes, self-hatred, doppelgängers, unreliable narration, dissection, and vivisection.

This product contains the following files:

  • The full-colour, 20-page incursion in spread and single forms
  • An A5 print-friendly version of the incursion
  • A screen readable .txt version of the incursion

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