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I played this with people I was dating or in a relationship with a couple times. It was cool to try and figure out what the other was playing, kind of like a puzzle that lasted an entire month. On top of that, it was a great opportunity to show a different side of myself and discover a different side of them in return. 

I strongly recommend this game, especially for people that are far away from you and you still want to keep in contact every day . We had our own channels in a discord server and used the spoiler function for the secrets. 


just wrote up my character's profiles and we're already having a lot of fun reading through the text and thinking about how much we love the moon

So hype to start interacting with our characters 🎉


God I just love love love this game. My beloved and I are currently playing and it's a lot of fun. The lunar-loving pair of us really adore the theme of the game, too.


I just finished a game with a friend and this was super cute and really helped me keep in touch, as others have said. I'm a little attached to the character I made for the game now, and I'm glad I picked this up. 


Over The Moon is something. It's definitely a game. And while its first impression is a bit like a swung baseball bat, it's solid and nuanced and I would hugely recommend it to anyone who's interested.

To start, Over The Moon has gorgeous layout and solid art. It also puts me vaguely in mind of Collectible Trading Moon Game, and from the wild premise to the individual beats, all of the jokes land.

Over The Moon is played over the course of a lunar cycle, between two people, using a messenger app. Your character sheets are dating profiles, and you play by messaging each other questions and responding to them. Both players respond with moon emojis, but the meaning of both players' emojis is decided secretly in advance, and you have to guess / decode each other's signs.

For how hard the game commits to the moon theme, it's extremely playable and clever, and it weirdly models dating pretty well---maybe apart from the moon stuff.

It also has an optional spicier set of questions, making the pdf maybe technically not pg-13, although these are optional rules and don't have to be a part of anyone's gameplay.

Overall, I would strongly recommend Over The Moon. It picks a gonzo concept, commits 100% to it, and generates something that's extremely playable in the end. If you like two player romance rpgs with a fun tone, or if you just like really impressive design, buy a copy.


I loved playing this game! It became a wonderful nightly ritual, and the game design enabled some very sweet and thoughtful final scenes, even with the sillier character concepts we played with. 

Also, I feel like I have to add that this feels like the perfect game for the social isolation of the current moment. It encourages you to keep in regular contact with someone and find a small piece of creativity every day, and it's even designed for play over a messenger app! 


Glad to hear it worked so well! And yeah, I think it really sings when it plays out a little bit at a time over a whole month (though it can be done faster).


This is an absolutely bonkers game that was as much of a treat to read through the rules as has been planning to play. We haven't played yet, but today's the full moon and this feels like a sign.

Props to the game designers for a perfectly aesthetically designed webpage, pdf, and game overall. Also, THANK YOU for also including a print friendly and text only file.


Glad to hear it on all three counts!