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I had so much fun playing one little star system of this game! I played with a friend, with a time limit of 30 minutes (we went a bit over). The establishment of what a giant is and what the game is like gently encouraged us to imagine an aesthetic that made me very happy. We first travelled (on our home comet) to an entirely liquid planet, with massive shards of its shattered moon poking up through the surface; the inhabitants, whale mermaid people, were sparse, and saw these shards and their myriad flooded tunnels as fascinating but dangerous places, partly due to the way the shards warped and affected the sound of their songs in the sea in and around them. We picked up a curious whale person, and then took an orbiting comet as a lift to the moon together. It was lovely to make and felt so soothing to imagine despite the fact we were playing it quite quickly!

We played online, so we used for index cards, and the discord in-call whiteboard for drawing (it is not very good but it works for this). Other than that, no fiddling around was needed (I did use the planet name generator here though:

Picture of our giant, one of the whale-mermaid inhabitants (Nebrairia) and the planet and moon enclosed. I really want to play more of this game. I can definitely imagine playing it with a kid or two, and the introductory story does a great job of establishing a vibe and getting people on the same page (or at least, in the same bookshelf) in terms of tone. Thanks for sharing it :)



I don't see the demo link for solo play.


Thanks for letting me know—the demo section might have disappeared when I reduced the game's base price to $0 a while back. You can now download v1.1 alongside v2 (though v1.1's very different and I'm not sure I'd recommend downloading it anyway).



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Pockets Full of Stars is by @SpeaktotheSky and is a submission to the #pleasantdreamjam.  You play a giant living on a star together with a friend, as well as individually playing two aspects of the world. 

You MAKE YOUR OWN DECK OF CARDS to guide your way!

(Sorry, that's genius, deserved its own line) as your giant leaps from planet to planet and visits people living in their stars and views exploding supernova and wierd worlds.

It. Is. Just. A. Glorious. Beautiful. Game. Go. Pay. For. It.

Also, it's the second #pleasantdreamjam game that has been, if not explicitly for kids, very very kid friendly. So parents: Check it out, it's probably better than My Pet Monster.

It's difficult to articulate exactly how this game made me feel, but freedom, creatively, childlike wonder, freshness, and the joy of shared creation are all in abundance here.