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You killed the Devil of High Rock, the fiend who imprisons folks’ souls up on the pinnacle. You were hired by people in the wooded village below to save them—by killing him.

At least, you think you did. Now you’re back at the tavern, celebrating with the villagers, telling tales of your exploits on the Rock, but things don’t quite add up...

The Devil of High Rock is a Trophy Trifolds Jam Session 2 incursion for Trophy Dark, the rules-light game of dark fantasy and psychological horror. This incursion will take your hunters through their own re-telling of events, prodded along by the questions of the villagers who hired them to kill the Devil who plagued them so. Only... the hunters, their achievements, and the whole be-Deviled situation may not be what they seem. Inspired by Night on Bald Mountain, its animated adaptations (in 1940's Fantasia and 1987's Robot Carnival), and the 1988 film adaptation of Bram Stoker's The Lair of the White Worm.


The incursion guides you through the haunting Terrors and Temptations of all five Rings—from the tavern to the forests below High Rock and up to the pinnacle—as well as giving you:

  • 4 new Occupations, Backgrounds, Drives, and Rituals
  • 6 Conditions of patterns, insights, and lies
  • 6 tales told about the hunters long after this night

This product contains the following files:

  • A print-friendly trifold pamphlet .pdf
  • A screen readable .txt version of the incursion


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