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YOU ARE THE CHRISTMAS GHOSTS, a supernatural squad of ultra-competent agents who fight for the greater good. Your mission is to expropriate the obscene wealth of billionaires, by any means necessary. The Big Three, Past, Present, and Future, have been trapped in the latest Christmas Eve TV re-telling of A Christmas Carol by a sect of rich occultists, leaving you to save the day while they break free.

This Christmas, Give 'Em Hell is an action-heist-revenge-ghost movie hybrid role-playing game inspired by A Christmas Carol, John Wick, the Ocean's film series, and the state of the world today. It's a hack of John Harper's Lasers & Feelings in which you have two stats: Christmas and Ghost. Are you a bad enough Ghost to save Christmas?


This Christmas, Give 'Em Hell v1_0.zip 193 kB

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