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hOwdy is a dingbat typeface of weird, unusually happy faces! Uh, basically I made this so I could generate these faces in big grids or along paths or in other ways while designing layouts. If it helps you as well, then great! But really, this is ultra-niche and not particularly useful.

What's in the typeface?

There are 100 faces in all: pretty much every character you'll find on a QWERTY keyboard, plus a few secret ones.

It's got two levers for customisation:

  • 2 levels of detail (Rough and Smooth)
  • 2 levels of regularity (Irregular and Regular)

Irregular has the faces at the heights they were originally made, while Regular sets them all to be the same height and width (aside from spurs and ticks coming off the outside of each face).

Each font is provided in .otf, .woff, and .woff2 versions. The .zip archive also comes with the original highly-complex .svg files, each with the same name as the key that produces them.

How should it be used?

hOwdy is an ordinary dingbat font—each of its symbols is linked to a single uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, punctuation mark, or other symbol. This means text-to-speech (TTS) software will read it as gibberish (unless you're putting hidden messages in there). Here are some ways you can use hOwdy right:

  • convert the letters to curves once you've typed them (e.g. using the 'convert to curves' function in Affinity Publisher).
  • putting them in a text frame and setting the frame to 'decorative' so that TTS software won't read it (this is possible in MS Word, for example).
  • using them to make vector or raster images that you then insert into your game/etc.


License: SIL Open Font License 1.1 (you can freely use it in commercial and non-commercial projects; read the full license terms here or in the text file that comes with the typefaces).

I made hOwdy using the free image editor GIMP, the website pngtosvg, the free version of the font designer BirdFont, and the font designer Glyphs Mini. For more information on how I made it, see this twitter thread!


As a connoisseur ... with ... 1500 ... computer, I ... say ... Howdy ... definitely ... .

Brian Binh

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Install instructions

Make sure to read the User Guide!

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