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You are recently-initiated members of a sinister cult doing the bidding of an unholy abomination... but not the great and terrible things you were promised.

No, you’ve been shuffled off to 'inculcate our vile master's merits into pliable young minds', or whatever the cult's higher-ups think mediocre kids' TV does.

Yes, you’re cultists making a kids’ TV series to teach the values of a cosmic terror-being while you deal with the hand you’ve been dealt in life. Good luck?

The Eldritch Ecstasy of Detective Dog is a GM-less cosmic horror/kids' TV/millennial burnout role-playing game, inspired by British childrens' television and the absolute state of things. You'll work together to create an improv TV series in service of a dark god, try to please your audience's parents and your cult's leaders, and with the existential dread of it all. Eldritch Ecstasy is a hack of Black Armada Games' improv soap opera game Soap Bubble.

This game includes the rules of setup, world- and character-creation, and play, as well as a brief sample Show Bible.

To play, you'll need some pens and index cards and a sheet of letter or A4 paper for your Show Bible. The game file includes A7 and letter printable mini-zines as well as a full screen-readable pdf!


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