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thus passes Numismus, god of COIN
sundered by hungry adventurers
dethroned by jealous rival gods

and here lies the divine record of Numismus, fallen, defeated, or forgotten god of old, god of gold, god of coin, and a lot more besides

the Death of Numismus is a solo journalling game about the slow dying and sudden death of Numismus, God of Coin, whose Cthonian Vault is a ripe target for gold-seeking “adventurers”, and whose (mainly ill-gotten) facets of divinity are falling prey to rival gods.

To play out Numismus' fate, you'll need a stack of 20 coins, a tarot deck of both minor and major arcana (or an RNG to randomly get entries from the oracles), a single six-sided die, a quiet place and a few hours of time to play, and whatever tools you need to make a divine record of Numismus' fall Age by historic Age:

Numismus' Cthonian Vault comes under threat from Adventurers, hungry for the hoard within
Coins the Coins of Numismus, sentient coins that act as the god's eyes on the world and advisors to mortals
Numismus works Miracles to bless those in favour, curse those without, and grant powers to their champions
gods try to steal Facets of Godhood from Numismus' temples, cutting their power piece by bloody piece

Many calamitous threats could end Numismus—attacks by ancient gold-hungry dragons, religious schisms that shred their cults to bits, divine execution in the heart of their power—but they could also suffer perhaps the most ignominious fate of all: being nickel-and-dimed out of legend and into obscurity. Time will tell, and so will you, as you write the divine record of Numismus, God of Coin, unto their dying breath.

Here's a great playthrough by Kaden Ramstack!

This game comes as an interactive HTML file with built-in light and dark modes and other display settings, and an EPUB-format ebook.


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what does it mean to be remembered? what does it mean to be forgotten? to cling, desperately, to shreds of legacy, and watch them get torn away like so many loose thread? a vital game.

Thank you!