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Let me tell you a secret. Stars aren't really balls of fire or little dots of light, that's just what some people say. So what is a star, really? You want to know?
Stars... they're actually lighthouse coves, and campfire groves, and other cozy little lit-up places, just on a colossal, cosmic scale. You see, stars are where giants live.
Did I not mention the giants?
Lovely people, really. Careful, dignified, and LARGE – sensible, humble, and LOUD (when they want to be). They jump from planet to planet, helping people, making friends, and exploring the universe.
Don't believe me? Just wait, you'll meet one some day, like me. Best friend I ever had. Helped me move house... from two planets over.

Pockets full of Stars is a cozy duo role-playing and world-building game about tiny people living on tiny planets, and humble giants living on cozy stars. You play as the Astronomer and the Storyteller, taking inspiration from around themselves and working together to tell a story about a giant jumping from planet to planet, meeting people, changing worlds, and learning things along the way.

The second version of the game is a hack of Together Among the Stars by Takuma Okada. The first version was a more complex, original solo game that can still be downloaded below (see v1.1).

ACCESSIBILITY: This game (version 2) includes a dark-on-light screen reader version, a black and white booklet-formatted print-friendly version, and a .txt version for text-to-speech apps. Let me know if there's anything more I can do on this front!


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I don't see the demo link for solo play.

Thanks for letting me know—the demo section might have disappeared when I reduced the game's base price to $0 a while back. You can now download v1.1 alongside v2 (though v1.1's very different and I'm not sure I'd recommend downloading it anyway).


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Pockets Full of Stars is by @SpeaktotheSky and is a submission to the #pleasantdreamjam.  You play a giant living on a star together with a friend, as well as individually playing two aspects of the world. 

You MAKE YOUR OWN DECK OF CARDS to guide your way!

(Sorry, that's genius, deserved its own line) as your giant leaps from planet to planet and visits people living in their stars and views exploding supernova and wierd worlds.

It. Is. Just. A. Glorious. Beautiful. Game. Go. Pay. For. It.

Also, it's the second #pleasantdreamjam game that has been, if not explicitly for kids, very very kid friendly. So parents: Check it out, it's probably better than My Pet Monster.

It's difficult to articulate exactly how this game made me feel, but freedom, creatively, childlike wonder, freshness, and the joy of shared creation are all in abundance here.