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What is timeTo?

timeTo is a set of fonts that let you turn digital times into analog clocks! You just type in a time from 00:00 to 11:59 and timeTo converts it into a clock.

Need precise clock icons for visual design? Drawing a clock and want a reference you can set to whatever time you like? Making a ttrpg and want easy, accessible countdown clocks (e.g. for PbtA or FitD games)? Check out timeTo. It comes in 4 versions:

  • timeTo is the default;
  • timeToWeb is a super-light, but super-limited version;
  • timeToAdvance lets you control each clock hand and the face separately, for more complicated designs;
  • timeToPlay lets you make progress/countdown clocks.

For more info, check out the Cheat Sheet!

Which version should I get?

If you want the basic stuff for desktop use then grab timeTo and timeToPlay.

If filesize is a major issue for you (e.g. making super-light web pages) and you don't want the hassle of subsetting fonts, then grab timeToWeb as well.

If you want precise control over appearance (e.g. to mix and match styles or change colours separately) then grab timeToAdvance instead of timeTo. It comes with everything in timeTo and more, but the files are bigger.

No matter which, get the Cheat Sheet so you know how to use the fonts.

What's the License?

timeTo is released under SIL OFL-1.1, which basically means you can freely use it in personal or commercial projects.

What's in the $5+ expansion?

If you pay $5 or more for timeTo then you get:

  • 14 more analog clock styles, and
  • 5 more countdown clock styles.

You can check these out in the last preview pic on this page, or the last page of the Cheat Sheet .pdf.


timeToPlay-X is an expanded version of the countdown/progress clock fonts in timeToPlay. Find out more on its itch page:

More fonts!

Here are some of the other typefaces I've made—find more details on their itch pages, and more fonts and other tools and assets in my Tools and Guides collection!

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AuthorSpeak the Sky
Tagsclocks, Fonts, Forged in the Dark, Icons, PbtA, Royalty Free, Time Travel, typeface
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Blind friendly


Get this typeface and 4 more for $13.33 USD
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timeTo Cheat Sheet 540 kB
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such a cool idea, I haven't seen anything like that before! wesome job, so many different styles :O



Excellent resource! I'll be sure to be using these for my latest projects.

Thanks—I hope they work well!


Saved my ass more times than I can count. If you make games do yourself a favour and grab this (and all the other resources Speak the Sky makes).

Aalways good to hear this is being put to good use!


Wow, thanks! Very useful. Every game designer should own this font.


Thank you!