v1.5 upgrade!

Dicier's been updated from v1.4 to v1.5! This is a pretty eclectic mix. Before installing the new version, uninstall the old fonts—there are instructions at the start of Chapter 2 of the User Guide.

New icons!

  • the Eagles card suit.
  • season card suits (SPRINGS, SUMMERS, AUTUMNS, FALLS, WINTERS, and singular versions of each, e.g. SPRING)
  • pipped d12 (cv31).
  • dreidel handles (cv32).
  • d2 (cv33-36).
  • esoteric coinflip outcomes.

Minor changes!

  • adjusted the triangular 3-pip pattern slightly.


If you have any feedback on the changes in v1.5, drop it here or in the itch forum.


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91 days ago

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