v1.5.2b minor upgrade

Version 1.5.2b doesn't change any of Dicier's icons or features, but does add a separate set of font files that allow LibreOffice* users to access all the modes and weights of Dicier without having to uninstall fonts while working on their files. The downside is that each mode-weight combo (e.g. Flat-Heavy, Round-Dark, Block-Light, Pixel) is its own separate font in the extra set for LibreOffice, so you'll have to scroll through more fonts.

I'm also aware of a bug with the font design software I use**, which is currently causing fonts to export with some faulty vertical metrics. This shouldn't have much of an effect, but you might see your cursor shift up a bit when it's in Dicier text compared with the surrounding font. This affects v1.5.2 and v1.5.2b.

*or any app that has trouble with uncommon fonts (edit: this is known to include Inkscape)

**there's a new version out that fixes the first bug, but adds a new one that basically italicises the cursor instead of shifting it up


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Aug 02, 2021

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