Dicier commissions: DicierX!

I've just started up a trial run of Dicier commissions! If you've ever wanted a customised set of icons for your game, then now's your chance. You can commission one of the following sets of icons in a custom style:

  • pipped d6s, from 0 to 9 pips (or just 1 to 6, if you want)
  • French/poker suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades)
  • tarot suits (4 suits of your choice)

You can find full commission details on my ko-fi. There are 5 slots available for now. Depending on how this trial goes I might open up more slots, and even add more icon sets (e.g. d4s to d20s).

Note: This gets you a special font that only contains the icons from the set you pick. It's not a full version of Dicier in a custom style, or a full version of Dicier with your custom icons swapped in place of the originals.

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Can you do the tarot major arcana?

can, but depending on the app you write in, some icons might not work. When I tested Dicier in a few different apps early on, I found that Affinity Publisher + Designer wouldn't show any icon whose code was over 8 characters long. That's not a problem for most major arcana, but some (e.g. High Priestess) don't fit/can't easily be cut down and still make sense to TTS users, so the whole set could be missing a few icons depending on the apps people use.

If you don't use any Affinity apps then I could make you a major arcana icon font, though. Right now I'm just looking for commissions for the 3 sets above, but if you send me an email at contact @ speakthesky . com then I'll keep this in mind for after this experiment. If this is a feature request and not a commission request then I'll also keep it in mind, but main work on Dicier's (mostly) on hiatus right now.

Yeah this is a commission request. I'll message you on twitter about it.