v1.4 upgrade!

Dicier's been updated from v1.3.1 to v1.4! Like v1.1 there isn't really a single theme for this—just a bunch of minor tweaks and fixes and new features, plus another translation. Before installing the new version, uninstall the old fonts—there are instructions at the start of Chapter 2 of the User Guide.

New icons!

  • even- and odd-numbered dice icons.
  • generic vertical and horizontal barrel dice.
  • new default joker icon: jester face.
  • singular 'CROWN' and 'ANCHOR' codes for Crown and Anchor, plus ANCRE and SOLEIL in French.
  • cv29: crown jewels-style crown icons.
  • cv30: circled star joker icon (the original joker icon used in Dicier v1.3.1 and earlier).

Major tweaks!

  • d4 and d12 are shrunk.
  • d8, d10, and d20 are redesigned (to diamond, flattened hexagon, and regular hexagon).
  • vertical barrel dice (and the 100-on-d100 etc. vertical barrel numeral (cv28)) are significantly thinner.
  • colouerd joker/arrow/talisman codes have been tweaked to use full colour names.
  • all Arabic numerals on dice slightly reduced in size (approximately 33% smaller).
  • backgammon doubling cube character variant (cv27) removed and replaced by just activating Arabic numerals for 2, 4, and 8, and discretionary ligatures for 16, 32, and 64.

New translation!

  • Português / Portuguese (both Brazilian and European).

Minor changes!

  • rods/wands on dice (using cv10) are repositioned a little to the right, to centre the rod itself.
  • O and Q in Pixel are redesigned.
  • fixed ALGÚN slashed zero domino OT code.
  • the 20_ON_D20 fix (v1.3.1) has now been applied to all translations.
  • fixed some errors and missing section references in the .txt User Guide.
  • fixed some errors in the .pdf User Guide.
  • edited the User Guide to include new icons and tweaks.
  • other minor changes to the User Guide.


If you have any feedback on the changes in v1.4, drop it here or in the itch forum.


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Jun 07, 2021

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Awesome update. I love the dice redesigns particularly. :)

Thank you for developing and continually improving this fantastic resource (and all of your other resources, too)! :D


Thank you!